Continuous improvement with Agile Profiling & Experience sharing

Agile Profiling is a coaching technique founded by Davy Benoot to realize continuous improvement for self organizing teams.  The main goal of this technique is to focus on optimizing activities that provide value to teams and the individuals within the team.  Unlike traditional process improvement models that are focused on documenting stable work processes (To-Be situation) practical coaching and NEO value structuring those activities that are under constant change.  While the team explores ways to cope with the challenges at hand the practical coach makes sure this happens in a organized manner.


Since individuals working in Self organizing teams have little time for process improvement the technique is made easy to learn and implement. It’s highly visual showing the status of ongoing improvements and how they address current challenges in a clear overview.

The concept of shared experiences is introduced as an alternative to processes. In effect an experience is a sequence of actions an individual performs to reach a certain goal. The most important aspect of the shared experience is learning and at regular times evaluating and adapting our approach.  We need to ensure we keep doing those things that work well.  That’s why they are made visible with Agile Profiling and NEO.

A practical coach will familiarize them with the techniques involved, optimally the coach will be much involved initially, once the team is up to speed the follow up can be taken up by the team internally.


A NEO file is to be maintained by the owner of the experience. This file will provide an easy way to document the flow of actions so other team members and other teams may learn from it.  The NEO file is an alternative to knowledge management, it’s validated knowledge sharing with a focus on interactive learning and innovation.

Agile profiling proves to be a highly effective way of improving efficiency by shared experiences.  The technique provides a standardized way to document the status and obtained results.  It’s easy to understand helps everyone in the team to grow and it foresees in a result driven form of organizational improvement.


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