S-model: Coaching Growing Teams

Leaders help teams best by unlocking their potential enabling them to grow.  Coaching techniques enable teams to grow.  The S-model for Self Coaching teams help teams & Agile Leaders to constantly be aware about evolution of team and individual maturity. Furthermore it provides transparency to the team about their performance and growth path.

S-model for Team Self Coaching
S-model for Team Self Coaching

Coaches need to adapt to personal situation in teams. Depending on their personal experience and confidence they have certain needs for coaching in order to reach goals.  Coaching poker is a helpful tool for the team to see the experience present within the team.  Interaction between team members will indicate their uncertainties and needs in a highly efficient manner.  Just as with planning Poker we form an image on where we position ourselves in the S-model.  Depending on the outcome one of several approaches may be chosen by the Lead Coach:

For each topic / Coaching domain (Example:  Requirements and test management using a new ALM application)

  • The team still needs to grow towards their potential but we have the required experience within the team (expertise with a few people).  In this example the ALM application expert would be available to help out the team.  Experience coaching provides the backbone for the team to grow.
  • The team is currently unable to cope with the provided challenge, external help will be required in order to build up the required expertise.  For example when there is no testing specific ALM experience available.
  • Too many objections lead the team to find another option to do the same in more efficient manner.  Experience coaching is ideal to frame this innovative exploring by the team

In upcoming blogs I’ll discuss the behavior patterns for different teams and how they affect team dynamics.


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