Extreme survival

Many who have worked with me know that I’m not afraid to try radically new ways of getting the job done, whether it’s restructuring a team, an Agile transformation or managing technical implementations. I like taking risks trying new things like gamestorming for setting team objectives and starting test automation even in companies that don’t have a solid test documentation in place yet. Why? To turn the tide and start improving, deliver value by example, show them some possibilities they may like to try themselves.

Many companies are struggling to survive during these difficult times. Remember, not all companies are like Facebook, Google, Apple etc. I’ve read in a local newspaper that over 10000 companies went bankrupt in 2014. They are desperately trying to improve the situation with limited resources.  So how you could help your company to survive in times of crisis?

Kuantan, MalaysiaIn order to survive you need to adapt to the challenge. I’ve heard some people say “that’s why we started doing Scrum”. Sure, Scrum could be used as an Agile framework, and yes it could be used to adapt. However is it enough? Did they get support to start properly? Make sure that you adapt to the challenge you are facing by exploring solutions that your team believes in. Don’t limit yourself to framework X or Y to look for solutions, don’t think outside the box, think like there is no box. Ensure you structure your communication, using team creativity to come up with solutions.

Often the best solutions are available within your teams, so first make the needs visible, than do some gamestorming looking for solutions, run small scale experiments with short feedback loops. Oh and one more thing, be sure you support your people actively introducing small changes. Don’t change too much at once and keep clear and open communication! That’s how you actively collaborate and innovate. When you’re doing extreme team survival you need to collaborate even better! Is your team ready for action?


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