10 years of experience in optimizing product quality  inspired me to share my view with all who may benefit from it, you’re all invited to share your own experience and views @AgileProfiling!  Welcome!

I’ll consider this work a success if it provides sets of guidelines to improve product quality by means of communication and process strategies while ensuring Agility.

Trends show that teams are becoming increasingly diverse.  Agile methodologies nowadays are proven to have excellent approach for self organizing groups to realize successful projects. However, many individuals struggle to find ways to improve their maturity and added value to the organization.  Very often I have been asked this question:  “How do I define my role and a path of personal growth?”  With this blog  I want to provide  answer to this question and show that the process and collaboration structure within a company have direct effect on the career possibilities of individuals within the team.

Many thanks to my editor C for all the hard work and patience.

“If you ain’t sharing, people ain’t caring!” – Wyclef Jean

Davy Benoot 

Note that the content of this blog is strictly representing my own views and opinions, they may not represent the opinions of my employer.


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