Knowledge management is dead, long live experience sharing!

I love learning, and that is probably the reason I got obsessed with knowledge management. I used to idealized people that seem to know a lot of things. I believed if we could build a database that contained all information from all those wise people it would be a wonderful idea to have all that knowledge available at the click of a button. I don’t believe that any more. I was wrong to think we could manage knowledge.

The internet contains an immense overload of information and yet we’re spending more time searching than finding. Why? Because all these statistics are exactly that_ data. Documentation which is useless when it comes to real life application. You cannot learn to drive a car by theoretic knowledge alone. In every aspect of learning, there will come a time that we have to put the theory in practice. That’s why there is this thing that called OJT (On the Job Training). Even the most seasoned sales manager finds it impossible to sell something new without addressing customer needs first. The same applies to knowledge, what it is that they say? Before you can administer a cure, the person has to admit that he’s sick.

Building knowledge works better when learning from experience. How to achieve this goal?

  • Identify learning goals for all team members
  • Encourage experience sharing
  • Decide how individual targets will fit in day to day work
  • Set activities for learning and assign leaders
  • Work together
  • Evaluate what has been learned
  • Conclude and set new learning goals

Any team could easily attain this objective by stimulating open communication, encouraging everyone to experiment and to put fresh ideas into practice, and giving honest feedbacks.

We could dream the dream of changing, improving what has already been done but unless we put our thoughts in action, it will remain a dream.

There is no better time than present to set and reach our goals. so, go on… join me, practice what you preach walk the talk and motivate.


“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.” – Bruce Lee


Winding down…

I love to walk after a day’s work. And if possible, in nature. It winds me down, empty my mind from unnecessary clutter and calm my nerves. It allows me to get in touch with myself and see the world in another perspective. Roaming around the country side listening to humming of insects and singing of the birds, I feel energized as if born again. I feel somewhat lighter, more positive and ready again to face another day and whatever challenges it may bring…


This is a reply to the Weekly photo challenge