I have a dream…

Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air and remind yourself who you are and where you want to be.”

Sometimes i want to be in a world where there are no hierarchies. Where people are judged by their capabilities, knowledge and expertise as well as their behavior and communication skills. And political play is not the (tall) order of the day. I dream of a place where people get a chance to innovate and create to find their own solutions to given challenges and problems. I want to see a society where we are able to speak what’s in our minds freely about certain matters that concern the difficulties teams are facing on executing projects and what comes with it without unnecessary complications and consequences. I wonder if Agile profiling is the answer to these… but in order to find out, people have to be willing at least to try and cooperate. For the meantime, all I could do is dream…


Agile Profiling Manifesto

As Experience Coaches…

We value describing changes over precise process descriptions

We prefer using lightweight techniques over heavy weight processes

We value sharing experiences over documenting processes

We respond to team needs over spending much time analyzing workflows

Structuring Agile Process Quality

After a decade of Agile and inspiring principles on Agile or Lean KPIs I feel the need to hand Agile teams a structure for improving Quality and Performance of their self organising team.  The challenge today is to objectively measure and compare the work methods used in a manner that makes process aspects different from Velocity, Estimation Accuracy visible.  Effectively reaching out to teams handing them tools pointing them to new ways of working to improve on their quest of delivering business value throughout Agile projects they are working on now and in the future.

My experience as Test Manager delivering visibility on Software Quality and leading part I’ve taken in Process Improvement give me a unique insight in this matter which I’ll share.  Are you missing the profound understanding you have on workflow challenges you had as an experienced team member after you became a manager?  Are you able to separate important feedback from the team from an individual view on the situation?  As long as it blocks progress for some tasks it’s important?  Sure I agree, but how does it hand you an objective lead to where the team requires additional Coaching to realize process improvement?

The internal working of the team isn’t important as long as they are able to deliver what is required at the Quality and Velocity we have planned for.  Which tools you have to identify those aspects of the team workflow that require you to Zoom in and have a closer look?  Is it important to know the details of an ever changing way of working, usually not.  Usually complexity and team experience give an indication on the approach you should take.

In Agile teams it’s most efficient measuring progress by measuring delivered value by means of completed story points & burn down charts, however this doesn’t give the self organising team sufficient insight on how the team operates and how to improve on Agility and Process Excellence.  in order to effectively Coach them to improve team dynamics and efficiency we should measure the team values and learn the team how to improve Agility.