To-Do? Done!

  • Be self-sufficient
  • Become a coach for anyone who wants to deliver Quality
  • Travel around the world, spend some time wherever we’d like to stay
  • Find inner peace and write a book about management
  • Learn to play Jazz piano to vent my feelings

One day, once my dreams have been realized. We will wake up in a country far away where the climate is mild. I’d have made enough money from selling my books and experiences coaching teams. Enough to worry no more about day to day practicalities, enough to have the time for a morning swim, cook a nice breakfast and spend some time with loved ones before starting to work.

My work would be providing strategic advice about management and communication, working with self organizing groups. At the time I’d have enough offer to be able to choose my next projects, putting my skills to a greater good like restoring our natural resources and helping people in developing countries or any other cause that satisfies the desire to do a better than thinking my own survival.

In my spare time I’d be travelling many countries where I could live among the locals and learn about their way of living. In the evening I would play the piano while drinking green tea/wine and most of all, take good care of Impossible Bebong if she would have me… 🙂


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